Monday, April 12, 2010

not crafty but a worthy event - One Day Without Shoes

Hello Everyone!  I know its been a few days.  My "creative juices" aren't following quite like I'd want them too.  Last week April 8th, I hosted a really cool event.  "One Day Without Shoes"  It's a movement started by Toms Shoes to raise awareness for children in underdeveloped countries who have never worn a pair of shoes.  The event was to walk one mile barefoot.  I planned it in about 3 weeks.  I had about 45 people show up.  It was great.  The experience paled in comparison to what those children have to walk through everyday.  At the end of the walk we were able to clean our feet put on our shoes and go on with our regular life.  These children don't get to clean their feet and put shoes on....
I also collected a whole ton of children's shoes.  Here a couple of the pics taken by one of the participants.
As for being crafty....I made the sign with my Cricut (Plantin Schoolbook cartridge)  Cut at 4"  I used black ink for my feet for the footprints.