Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Hello Again!

I can't believe I'm writing two posts in a row.  It's definitely summer!  Today I wanted to show you a pdf file I created.  It's called "Mad Dash Morning Routine"  In my household we are not morning people. We're nocturnal.  Mornings are not fun for us.  I decided to create this to help both of my kids be more functional in the morning.  It's a morning routine checklist.  It can be customized for each child.  I know it will help them (me) get through the mornings without having to repeat myself 100 times.

Hhhmmm….just a thought, "Mad-Dash" line of custom checklists….

It still needs a few tweaks.

Have a great day!!

I'm Still Here

How do I begin?  It's been over a year since I wrote on this blog.  I've been wanting to get back to writing on here for quite some time.  So what motivated me?  I've had two friends start up new blogs and I've enjoyed reading their first few posts so much that I'm motivated to start again.

Mommy duties and work have prevented me from getting back to you.  However, summer is here and I have more time to focus on my blog and catch up on some of my reading.  My boys are a little older now and can fend for themselves (for the most part).  I'm not the center of their attention (not sure I'm entirely happy about that).  I've been replaced by video games, our pool, and our basketball hoop.

What have I been doing all this time?  If you read my post from last year things haven't changed much. 
Professionally - Surprise!!!! I still have my party business.  I'm very happy with how it's going.  I also work part time during the school year.  I'm the "Science Lab Coordinator"  (that's what I call myself)  In other words, if a teacher wants to do an experiment I set it up and assist.  Never thought I'd be doing anything related to science but I've come to love what I do.  Along with my Science Lab duties I help out here and there around the school.

Personally - Still a mommy and loving wife. :)  I'm very busy making sure my kiddos are on the right track.  We're involved in every sport imaginable.  Most of the time my DH is coaching and I'm a "team mom"  It gets tiring sometimes and I feel like quitting, but I firmly believe that children need extracurricular activities.  My kids love it, so I make the sacrifice.  We eat dinner out A LOT and laundry is like the monster under my bed that I never want to look at.  (My summer goal is to face that ugly monster.)  

What direction am I taking this blog in?  
I've been thinking about it for a few days and finally decided to just write a post and see where it goes.  I'm still going to showcase all the party things I make but I want to include other things…..perhaps share techniques and tips of my craft, ideas, tutorials, inspirational things,….etc.  I would love to include some of the cool experiments I do in my lab.  I would also like to invite other fellow bloggers to introduce themselves, have giveaways and do some challenges.  There's a lot for me to think about.  

For now I leave you with this motivational pic and a couple of my recent party decorations… 
(I found this online somewhere and posted it on my personal fb page)  

Have a great night!!