Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"FAKE" Glimmer Mist

Hello Friends,
Glimmer Mist by Tattered Angels is all the rage in the crafting world.  Its about $6.00 a bottle.  I love them and have only gotten myself ONE bottle.  It was the only bottle I was able to find at Scrapbooks 'n Stuff which is now closed :( I loved that place.  They still maintain an online store but its not the same. "Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name"........etc  Now that I've totally gone off on a tangent lets get back to the original topic.  Since I can't seem to find this stuff anywhere else except online (which I refuse to pay for the bottle and the shipping) I came across a few videos of people making their own variations and I decided to make my own.

Ranger Mini mister or any other moderate spray bottle.
Pearlex or Perfect Pearls
small paintbrush (Michaels or whatever you have laying around)
Heat gun (if you want it to dry quick)

Fill the mini mister with 3 parts water 1 part Pearlex.  (if it's too light then just add a tad bit more. Don't shake the bottle, swirl it around and around and WaaaaLa  you've got "FAKE" Glimmer mist.  Here's a small video of what I did.  **NOTE:  According to others Pearlex does not contain a "fixing" agent so the color will not adhere to your paper. (hhhmmmm, I got to thinking on that and tested it and I haven't had any problems.  If you feel you must you may add one drop of glue to your mixture.

Monday, June 7, 2010

To DIY for...Chalkboard frame

Hi everyone! My name is Debbie and I have a little business called I Spy Design Eye (  I do redesign, personal home shopping as well as home staging. Along with that, I have a blog that I like to post DIY tutorials as well as design inspiration on. My thanks goes out to Liz, for asking me to contribute to her great blog!! I hope you enjoy this tutorial!

I'm a complete nerd for a functional DIY project, so when I was walking around my local Michael's art store I came up with making a little chalkboard that I could use to write little messages on. It was a VERY simple project that anyone can make and can also be made as large as you'd like. My project below came out to $15 with everything included (I already had the glue gun, but you can pick one up for next to nothing at any local art store or W-Mart).

Step 1: Purchase a frame in any size

Step 2: Purchase a basic chalkboard that is about a 1/4" smaller than the frame (just make sure that the chalkboard is larger than the opening for the picture)

Step 3: Using a hot glue gun (for much larger/heavier projects use small screws for the four corners) dispense glue around the wood frame of the entire chalkboard and press down onto back of frame until dry (will take a few seconds)

Step 4: Attach either a frame hook to the back using the tiny nails the kit comes with or for smaller projects, use the tab off a can and hot glue it to the back of the frame (low enough so that it doesn't show when hung)

Step 5: Flip it around and check out your awesome 5 minute project!

Step 6: Hang on wall

Step 7: Write a note to your guests (this pic was obviously taken a while ago)!