Friday, January 14, 2011

Revamp..not too much crafting

Hi guys.   Hope you all have a lovely weekend.  I haven't crafted all week.  :(  The playroom/craft space is getting revamped.  Hope to be done by this weekend and get a few cards done.  I'll post pics when its done


Pineapples Galore!!

Hello!  Look how cute these turned out!   I had to make 100 pins for my sons school.  They asked me to come up with something in the shape of a pineapple.  At the time, I didn't know how many I had to make and came up with this really cute detailed pineapple with glossy accents and all.  I showed it to the school and the loved it.  They needed 100 in one week.  Needless to say, I spent the entire week having nightmares about Pineapples.
What I used:
All paper was from Bazzil
Preserves Cartridge
Glossy Accents ( to give them that nice glossy look and feel)
Pins for the back (i used my hot glue to put them on)

The Process...
I cut 3 pineapples to make one.  They were going to be used as pins so I had to make them sturdy.  The backing was brown, then layered the green on top and then the top layer I cut off the top so the green can show.  After glueing them all together (at this point it was 300 pineapples because of the layers)  I had to put on the squiggly lines.  This is the most tedious thing EVER.  7 squiggly lines per pineapple!!  THAT IS 700 PIECES!!!  I used mod podge to glue them on.  One by one...Then I put another coat of modge podge and waited for them to dry.  After that, I applied Glossy Accents to the top of each Pineapple. That was pretty tedious too.   When that dried..a few hours later.  I hot glued all the pins on.  I'm pleased with my work but I don't think I can see, eat or even think about another pineapple for a while.  Enjoy!
Imagine removing 700 zig zags from here.
I had 3 full sheets of this.

waiting for the glossy accents to dry.  tick tock, tick tock,,,,etc

Pins hot glued,  I really was not pleased that some
of my glue  seeped to the back.  Thankfully, you
 can't see that once they are put on.
Lesson learned.  Put the back layer on last.  :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Last minute Baby Shower Invitation

here's a last minute baby shower invitation that I made for my sister in law.  I used my Imagine for these.
I just love those little onesies!!  Enjoy!