Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award

A BIG thank you to Tanya for this great blog award.  if you've never gone to her blog.  Check it out.  Great talent!!!!  Scrappin' KY Momma

With this award I must say 7 things about myself and pass this on to 8 more lovely blogs....

Here goes!
1.  I'm a proud mommy of 2 great kids.
2.  I started my own business last year and it has changed my life.
3.  I never think my work is good enough.
4.  I would never work for Corporate America again
5.  I've been married for almost 8 years but together for 16.
6.  My birthday, hubby's birthday, wedding anniversary, christmas, new years all land in December!!  HELP!  not to mention holiday parties, and friends birthdays.
7.  I love my Cricut but have realized there are other machines out there just as good and can't wait to get my hands on them. :)

As for the 8 people.....this was hard. There are so many great blogs out there...

1. Crafty Card Angel
2. Scrap Happens
3. It's Me Susan P
4. Lovebug Creations
5. For the Joy of Creating
6. Kimmarie's Korner
7. You Had me at Craft

Have a great day!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Banners Banners!!

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Here are a couple of name banners I made last week.  These were for a baby shower.  The mommy-to-be is having twins. (a boy and a girl)  Did you know that I have a twin brother?  (fun fact about me)  :)  I was asked to make these as a gift to hang at the baby shower and later to hang in their bedroom  The colors were made to match the room.  Sweet and simple!

Happy Crafting!


Paper Fans Favor


Look at these really cute favors.  Made them for a friend/customer.  She sends me a picture of a paper fan. As you know, crafty people always say to themselves...."i can do that":)  So I had to figure out how I was going too get the information on the fan and then cut it out.  I used my GIMP software to create the wording on each fan blade.  Then i printed it out and created the template on my gypsy.  I used the candy corn on the Smiley cards cartridge.  I changed the size of it so that it would look more like a fan blade.    This was made for a 50th Anniversary party but,  can easily be used for an outdoor wedding, baby shower, bridal shower....etc  I had to make 50 of them.  That makes 250 fan blades.  THANK GOD for the Cricut.  I would not have been able to do that by hand.   Here's what I came up with.  Photo quality is not that great.  They were taken at night and the lighting in my house is awful.  You get the gist of it though.

have a great day!!!