Sunday, February 20, 2011

Phineas and Ferb Madness

Who's hungry for cupcakes?  Look at these adorable cupcake toppers!!  I'll make these using any theme along with the matching banner.

For these I used my computer to print out the images.  Then used a 1.5" punch.  I used the Accent Essentials cartridge for the scallops.  I cut out 2 scallops for each topper.  I glued the image to the first scallop then hot glued the sticks in between the scallops.  This gives it a little more dimension and you can't see the stick from behind.  I loved seeing these come together.  They're going to look great on the cupcakes.

Ribbon Mess Giveaway

Hi!  I finally got a system in place and have organized my ribbons.  I actually repurposed a utensil tray and a bead organizer for scraps.  it worked out nicely.  I decided to include everyone in the giveaway since you all had such great ideas.  This system works for me now but I'm sure I'll outgrow it soon.  :)  Pictures to come...(including pics of the giveaway)  sorry, haven't been able to download them and I didn't want to keep you guys waiting anymore.  
Using the winner is:  #18------------DEE-----------I posted from my iphone, but it's not here we go again. I have a few different systems. The first is the shelf from Michaels that has two dowels on it. When I only had 60 rolls or so, I was able to fit them all there. As I started getting $1 deals and such, I started to put them in a drawer in my IKEA chest. They stay pretty organized in there. I use pins to keep the ribbon from unraveling. I also have a basket (similar to a mini laundry basket) that I got at Dollar Tree. I keep the 25 yard spools there. They usually stay in place. Finally, I have a clear paint gallon container that I keep the ribbon scraps in. That way, i can see whatever cuts I have.

I have been thinking of using the IKEA hanging wire baskets. They are the perfect size for the regular rolls.

Good luck. You must come over and play soon!


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