Saturday, July 24, 2010

15 days of Christmas Blog hop

Hello again fellow bloggers,
I've been a busy bee on the computer today.  Wanted to invite you to a really fun blog hop.  It's called the 15 Days of Christmas Blog hop.  Hosted by Jess at KinderStampO. It was so much fun to see everyone's projects.  There's also fabulous GIVEAWAYS.  So as I went through the 15 blogs I made some yummy cupcakes.  I'm by no means a baker but every so often I get inspired and make something.  They're from a Duncan Hines cake mix and I added a banana to them which gave them that extra little kick.  Feeling very Christmasy I then sprinkled them with green sugar sprinkles.  So in honor of celebrating Christmas in July here are my cupcakes.  Thanks for the blog hop! I swear there was enough for the 15 blogs but the little hands in my house (hubby and I included) couldn't resist.