Saturday, July 24, 2010

Primping your Punches

Punches are one of the most durable tools if you take care of them.  Here are a few tips to keeping them punching like new.

-Store them in a dry place. (you wouldn't want them to rust)
-If your punch is STICKY lubricate it with WAX PAPER.  Regularly punch through a couple of layers of wax paper.  More detailed punches stick more often. I've heard using a little WD-40 works too. (I wouldn't try this because I'd probably use way more than I have to.)  If you do use WD-40 make sure to punch through scrap paper a few times to clean it off.

-If your punch is DULL punch through a couple of layers of aluminum foil.  This does not need to be done as often.  This will get them to punch like new!!  You can also save the punches you made on the foil and use them on a future project.(thinking frugal here)  You can also sharpen your shears.

-If your punch won't compress STAND UP and put a little weight on it.  Use the palm of your hand.  If that doesn't work trying using a thinner material.  

-If your punch gets stuck and you can't get the paper out DO NOT USE YOUR FINGERS TO PRY IT FREE!!  IT IS SHARP!!  Try compressing it once more (sometimes this will release it)  or use a blunt object (screwdriver, fork/spoon handle to help release the paper.