Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Vinyl Letters

I made this a while back ago and never posted it.  I've always loved inspirational messages and thought this would be a cute idea for the playroom.  I LOVE to exhibit the artwork the boys come home with. (yes, to me everything they do is better than Picasso)  I was a little scared to use vinyl (not sure why, it's not like it was going to bite me!  :)  So I kept putting it off.  Then one day after watching the Cricut infomercial of the lady using the vinyl I got inspired.  I must have seen that show a million times.  Here's what I made.  Sweet and simple.  They're placed over the boys' artwork. I used the "Tear Drop" font cartridge for the word "Create"  and I used the Home Accents solutions cartridge for the others.  I highly recommend using the transfer tape.  I don't think I would've been able to place one letter at a time.  It would have taken forever.  :)