Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Finally a comfortable versatile space for the 3 of us.

Happy Monday!! Wait it's Tuesday.  Now I'm really happy.  In my last post I mentioned I was revamping the playroom/craft space.  Well here's the BIG REVEAL!!  Forgot to take before pics. These are much nicer.  The room was a disaster before.  Toys everywhere.  We had way too much furniture in there.  Getting inspired was very difficult.  Now my kids and I can comfortably share a space and not get in the way.  Sure hope you enjoy these.
TADA!!  I got myself a SCRAPBOX!!  Meet Big Bertha.  She is wonderful.  

Here she is open.  Fits perfectly on the wall.  Can you believe its full already?  
I got this nifty cart at The Container store.  Fits my machines fabulously.
The basket on the side holds my gypsy when I'm using with the machines.
I also added a hook (not pictured) to hang my mats on. 

General view of the room.  The TV is new.  The kids and mommy loves it.
The entertainment center is from IKEA.  To the right
is some floor space and a wall to wall closet that holds
all the toys and more of my crafting stuff

My kids new desk and lamp from IKEA.  Also getting new chairs.  The ones I wanted are out of stock
Now he has a place to do  his  homework or play on the computer.  

HAVE A GREAT DAY!!  Look out for more pics.  I'll be crafting this week.