Sunday, June 22, 2014

A little "Frozen" in South Florida

Hello Friends!  I wanted to share with you my most recent work.  If you follow me on Facebook you've probably already seen some of the stuff I've made.  "Frozen" - currently every little girls (and some big girls) favorite movie.  I'm one of the big girls included in that statement.  I can watch this movie over and over.  Alas, I've only seen it once.  My 2 boys are completely against me watching this movie again.  Being the only female in my home I am deprived of all things girly.  I get my fix from the occasional mani/pedi and by doing girl parties.  I truly enjoyed working on all these adorable "Frozen" themed party goodies.  The pictures come from 2 different parties.  Amazing how the same theme can be so different.