Thursday, June 26, 2014

There's something about glitter and mason jar

A few months ago one of my very loyal customers tells me she is having a baby and wants me to help her with the decorations.  Specifically the centerpieces.  She sends me a picture of a jar covered with glitter asking me if I can make something similar to the picture.  Of course I can!  I can do ANYTHING!!  If it involves paper or DIY I never say NO.  My creative mind starts going into a frenzy.  When this happens I start asking myself all kinds of questions.  What kind of glue do I use?  What kind of glitter? What jar?  How many layers?  How do I seal it so there isn't glitter everywhere?
I did what I always do.  I researched!  I checked YouTube videos and google.  After researching for a day or two I finally figured out what to do.

I made 10 reusable gold jars and have since made quite a few more for other customers.

I promise the next time I make these I'll have a tutorial for you.

These jars make excellent centerpieces and accent decorations for any home or party.  You can put anything from flowers to pens in them.
This was my test.  It's not that pretty but I knew I'd be able to get a much better result with the right materials.
This is my result.  I was so happy with it and my customer was too. :)  

Have a great night!!