Saturday, December 31, 2011

Baptism banner and then some

Hello again!  I'm on a roll here.  Three days in a row of posting.  I must admit...I wrote them all the same day and scheduled them all on different days.  I was taking advantage of my free time.  It's hard to come by these days.  Anyhow,  I had never done a baptism theme so when someone approached me with it I was thrilled at the new challenge.  I'm also very fond of the person who asked me.  She was my son's first teacher and I owe some of his achievements to her.  So, when she asked I quickly jumped at the chance to help.  I made cupcake toppers, wrappers, invitations and a banner.   Here are a few pics!!  I took them at different locations so the lighting does not look the same but everything matched.

I love these invites!!  I will say that I did not do all of this.
I only take credit for the writing and assembling of it.

Designed these on Gimp

This banner was much longer than this.  It said Sophia's Baptism

LOVE THIS CROSS!  I used the same image from the toppers and cut it
out and shadowed it with my Silhouette.  For the scallops I used my Imagine

I used the Cupcake Wrappers cartridge for these cuties!!  
Have a great day!