Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Princess Leah Diaries/yes..this is post #4 of the night and the most important one of all

Hello Friends,
This really has nothing to do with crafting but I couldn't help but post this.  My best friend's niece Leah has been in the hospital longer than she's been home.  She's about 4months.  She's had test after test done and several surgeries and doctors have yet to figure out what exactly is wrong with her.  This hits really close to home.  I personally know the father.  I was practically his little sister.  He watched me and grow up along side his own sister.  I'm reaching out to my fellow crafting community so that you may also spread the word in hopes that doctors can figure out what is wrong with her and to lend some support in anyway that you can.  Their story has been broadcasted around the nation.  They have a blog that I follow with updates on how Leah is doing.  Please visit her site.  If you would like to send them a card you're welcome to send it to me or to the address they have on their blog.

Leah with her parents Frani and Zev.  Isn't she adorable!